English Literacy

Which of these 5 results do you expect with your child when they learn English?


  • Become bilingual
  • Enhance Their Professional Prospects
  • Can work Globally
  • Confident to enter famous international university
  • To get high salary jobs


To make your child like English, do let them start to learn English when they are very young.




5 Reason why it is better to learn English at a very early age

 1. Capture the Critical Development Phase

The brain, like any muscle, works better if do exercise.
Learning a language involves memorising rules and vocabulary, which helps strengthen that mental muscle.
By 3 years of age is the development stage for children and the brain will be expected to success in language learning.


2.  Easy to learn accurate pronunciation

Simply, the younger the learner, the better they are at copying new sounds and adopting pronunciation.
The brain is open to new sounds and patterns in pre-teens.
Children Learn A Second Language Naturally at a very early age.


3. Cognitive Benefits and It helps them in their native language.

It has been found that children that are able to focus on a second language have an increased level of development on a cognitive level.
It is proven that children who learned a second language has a better brain performance compare to those who don’t.
This is a result of knowing different names of objects in more than one language.


4. Learn through curiosity

Young children have many opportunities to learn through play-like activities.
Language lessons can be informal and children’s minds are not yet crowded with facts to be stored and tested.
Before children become self- conscious they can try out their newly acquired languages without fear of embarrassment.

Small children don’t have a driving motivation to learn languages. Their attention is fueled by curiosity and imagination.
Keep this in mind, and plan your lessons to appeal to their senses.


Learn Before We’re Self-Conscious.
Children have emotional advantages too. Since they’re not as self-conscious as adults, they are not afraid of getting it wrong or saying it funny.
Youngsters are willing to call out their new foreign words (whether right or wrong) and their spontaneity pays off with a faster fluency adoption.


5. Numerous time benefits

When children are on their school years, they have a lesser time to focus on acquiring foreign language.
They have to learn many subjects at school such as maths, science, arts and music also their native language lesson.
This is why the best time to introduce foreign language is while they are very young and have a plenty of time to discover  foreign language through playing and fun activities.



At this very young age, the child is able to absorb the language in much the same way as their mother tongue. We won’t  expect your child to start speaking English at 15 months, but he/she will certainly be able to get used to the sounds of the language and understand some words and phrases.


At the conclusion,
The earlier, the better. It is known that very young children learn languages more quickly and easily.
The younger the student, the better learner.



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How to choose the best English enrichment Programme for your child?

If you’re looking to improve your child’s English language skills, there are 5 tips to check when deciding on the right English enrichment programme.

1. Are all the Staff and Educators well trained and experienced?

A good teacher must have full knowledge of the method of teaching.
Teacher have the passion to work with young children, and must be an enthusiast in his /her subject and enthusiast in the matter of method.
You can tell from the way the teachers engage with the children in a loving and respectful manner in class.


2. Are they providing a small class size?

Especially for pre-schoolers, they need a lot more guidance and teaching compared to older children.
No more than 10 students in one class seem to provide students with the best benefits.


3. Do they offer a well organized curriculum for young kids?

Offer activities that are play-based, engaging, age-appropriate and meaningful. After all, children learn best when they are having fun and the learning is practical to them.


4. Do they aim to build your child’s confidence?

It is important that the enrichment class helps to build the child’s confidence over time
A child should never be pushed into an activity that he/she is not comfortable with.


5. Are they keeping their environment clean and safe?

It is important that classrooms should be safe, hygienic and will stimulate child’s learning the entire time. Teaching materials inside the classrooms should be child friendly and should not give any injuries to your child.


The most of important thing  for children is
At the end of the lesson,  the child enjoys learning and growing when carrying out these activities.





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